1. Weebly Launches As A Featured Chrome Web Store Apps

Citing the difficulty inherent in finding web-based applications, Google has announced its own web store, fittingly called the Chrome Web Store. It’ll feature one-click purchases tied to your Google account, and purchased browser-based applications will appear right on your Chrome start page.

During the keynote at its 2010 “I/O” developer conference, Google showed off Plants vs. Zombies, Adobe image editing software, a LEGO Star Wars 3D game, and a rich-media Sports Illustrated application. All ran right inside the browser and leveraged HTML5.

This means we can expect this feature to come in Chrome's Canary builds in some time. Recently, Google confirmed that its Chrome Web Store is witnessing a lot of fraudulent transactions. The Chrome Web Store (i.e. Google) does not allow extensions to download videos from Youtube website. Therefore we removed this functionality for the Chrome Web Store. We hope for your understanding. This policy is to ensure quality of the products on the Chrome Web Store and prevent products from manipulating their placement in the Store Common reasons for removal/rejection # The only functionality of the extension is to launch another app, theme, webpage, or extension. Weebly Launches as a Featured Chrome Web Store App Google just released the Chrome web store, a place for users of the Google Chrome™ web browser to discover and install applications, and we're proud to be featured in the utilities category.

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The Chrome Web Store will work on Chrome browsers across platforms, as well as Google’s upcoming Chrome Operating system. There will be sections for both paid and free apps. No launch date yet aside from “later this year” but it sounds like it’ll be added to the developer branch of the Chrome browser first, with stable releases to follow shortly thereafter.


In other news, Google also announced that it’s opened up its Wave messaging system to everyone—no invitation needed anymore.

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