On previous chapter of Raft wars, little brother Simon had found a treasure on beach and Simon and his brother defended that treasure against to pirates. But before they left from the beach, they had buried the treasure somewhere on beach. After a year, they decided to come back to the beach. But they realize that there is a problem on place where they buried their treasure. The place where they buried their treasure, is not empty. There is a building on there. To take back their treasure, they must beat the coast guard and the other people. A rollicking game with raft wars, is waiting for you! Let's get started!
After the game is loaded, you click 'Go' button which is on the lower-right corner of the game screen. You click 'Play' button. If you want to skip the game intro, you can click the 'Skip' button which is on the lower-right corner of the game screen.
Game controls as follows:
Aim: 'Mouse'
Shoot: 'Left Button of Mouse'

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Raft Wars 2 Walkthrough full gameWars 2 Walkthrough Raft Wars 2 Watch: Raft Wars 2 Walkthrough full game. Official re-release of Raft Wars! Play a new version of the classic Raft Wars game on desktop or mobile browser. Team up with your brother and defend your treasure. Play Raft Wars 2 free games online. Fire your weapons at enemies on the other side of the pool. Can get difficult to hit targets. More fun and more experience with best Y8Y8Y8 - Y8 Games - Y8Y8 - Free Online Games for free on y8y8y8.games now!

Your first mission at the beginning of the game is, to overthrow the paint bucket to the pool. After that your adventure begins.

After every chapter that you had played, you click game screen to go 'Upgrades' screen. On this section, you can upgrade your character's features with the money that you earned in the war.
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Raft Wars 2 Armor Games


A remake of your classic Raft Wars 2 game! Playable on desktop and mobile.

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Simon is back for another exciting adventure in Raft Wars 2! Raft Wars 2 is like Angry Birds on steroids! Shoot back and forth with other rafts and try to sink them! Best of all is that you get tons of upgrades and weapons like grenades and missiles! Sounds a lot better than tennis balls, aye? Good luck!


WarsMouse aims, click to shoot
Raft Wars 2Raft Wars 2 is an online action game developed by Martijn Kunst and TinyDobbins, and has been played 770499 times on Bubblebox.com.
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Raft Wars 2 Player


Snake around and become the biggest of em all!

Raft Wars 2 Oyna

Help your faction win the war in this multiplayer battle game.
Alien life, unknown phenomena and tricky missions await!
Set sail for exciting adventures and engage in epic sea battles.