Padlet is a site for instant collaboration. Group members post what they are thinking and everyone can see the results immediately! It's a virtual 'parking lot' or 'bulletin board.'

Padlet Graphic Organizer Background from @TechChef4U If you want to make your own Padlet backgrounds, one easy way is to make one in Powerpoint or Keynote and save the slide as a.jpg file. If you check out this post from Cari Young, there is a video from The Organized Classroom that gives a tutorial for using slides to make desktop. Here is a quick video tutorial I created to show how you can upload these graphic organizers to be the background of a Padlet wall: Note: As I indicate in the video, you will most likely need to expand your browser window so the graphic organizer doesn't appear cut off. Give directions for students to complete any graphic organizer or notes. Other options to complete this synchronously without the use of breakout rooms include students working off of a shared Google document or using a Padlet. To complete this task in an asynchronous format.

Padlet Wallpapers For Graphic Organizers

You can create an account, or you can just click on the button that states 'Build a Wall.' Once you begin to build a wall, you can send the link to others over e-mail, Facebook, Twitter, etc. by clicking on the 'Share/Export' button on the right hand side of the wall. It looks like a little rectangle with an arrow coming out of it. You can also get an embed code to add it to a website/ blog through the same button.

A note listed on the website help button: 'If you create a wall without logging in or signing up, you may be unable to edit the wall after 24 hours. You may still be able to post on it, but you may be unable to change the title, privacy settings etc.'


You can also add headings, different backgrounds, media files, etc.

Padlet is one of my 'go to' applications for beginning or end of class activities. Since it is device agnostic, it is perfect for a BYOD classroom. In situations where tech is not 1:1, which is my usual day, I have students use the BYOD as small groups.
To make things easier to incorporate Padlet, I've created templates for Padlets. Now when I want students to work on a KWL, Venn Diagram, or similar graphic organizer I have them already set up and ready to go. I just make a copy of the original for my class and share out with QR code or shortened URL (I prefer solely because I love having a puffer fish up on my task bar!)
How to create Padlet Templates to Facilitate Do Now. Closure Activities:

Padlet Wallpapers For Graphic Organizers Background

I use PowerPoint because I like the SmartArt Feature, but you can use anything that will save as a JPEG.
Step 2: Save as a JPEG

Step 3: Create a Padlet. Click on the clog in the upper right hand corner to modify. Scroll down to Wallpaper and select 'MORE'
Step 4: Select your JPEG by clicking on 'ADD YOUR OWN', 'UPLOAD', and then either drop your image in or 'CHOOSE FILE' and confirm.

Step 5: After saving changes you should be able to see if you need to adjust your original image to fit the screen how you want. Repeat steps 1-4 until you have the desired look.
Then each time you want to use the chart, Venn Diagram, or similar template, just make a copy and rename with the specifics of the lesson. For example, KWL's copy becomes 'KWL - Holocaust'.