• Calculator Instructions. In the top part of the form, enter how much your final exam is worth and the grade that you would like to get in the class.
  • The gradient, represented by the blue arrows, denote the direction of greatest change of a scalar function. The values of the function are represented in greyscale and increase in value from white (low) to dark (high).
  • Our easy-to-use high school GPA calculator will help you calculate your GPA in just minutes. Whether your goal is to earn a scholarship, get into a prestigious college, or ensure you will graduate, when it comes to figuring out your high school GPA, we’ve got you covered.

The gradient is a fancy word for derivative, or the rate of change of a function. It’s a vector (a direction to move) that Points in the direction of greatest increase of a function (intuition on why) Is zero at a local maximum or local minimum (because there is no single direction of increase). The authors have many years of experience teaching calculus and grading AP exams. A great resource when you are trying to give your students an effective review prior to the AP examination. These books are specifically written for student use and the minimum order is for 10 to 25 books at $22.00 each.

Want to calculate your current Grades? Use our simple Grade calculator and download your results in a pdf document.

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How to use the Grade Calculator

  1. Add the Assessment Type

    To get started, optionally enter the assessment type (Homework, Quiz, Test, etc.). Remember that you can add and edit any number of assessments in each class.
  2. Add Your Letter or Percentage Grade

    Next, select a letter or percentage grade. If you select any letter grade, it is automatically converted to a percentage and vice versa.
  3. Add the Percentage Weight

    Then enter the percentage weight for each assessment. Be accurate when entering a percentage and remember that the total weight of all fields cannot exceed 100%.
  4. See the Result of Your Grade Calculation

    After you have completed all the fields, our calculator will immediately show your class grade. Now you can download the results as a pdf document or image.
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Why is it important to calculate grades?

Students need to know where they stand when it comes to successfully completing a course. That is one of the main reasons why it is so important to calculate grades. Many times assignments have different weights and grading rubrics do not always provide a clear view of how well one is doing in the courses that they take. In order to ensure that you are in good standing, you want to be able to see how well you are doing and have an idea of what types of scores you need to successfully pass the course.
Plus, many students need to retain a certain grade point average in order to remain in good standing for financial aid. Therefore, they may need to retain a higher average then just a passing grade. Therefore, they want to know what types of grades they need on different assignments, so that they can concentrate more or study harder when they need to obtain a certain grade.
Grade calculators help you remain in constant control of your education. They let you know when you should do an extra credit assignment, work harder to meet the minimum standards, and study harder for an upcoming exam. If you are falling behind, it allows you a chance to get extra help to bring your grades up before it is too late.

Enter Final Info

Enter Class Grades


Calculator Instructions

  1. In the top part of the form, enter how much your final exam is worth and the grade that you would like to get in the class. For example, your final test might be worth 20% of your overall grade and you want to get at least a 93% in the class. You would enter these numbers into the form.
  2. In the bottom half of the form, enter a description (optional) of the classwork, the grade received for that classwork, and the weight of the classwork. Most class grades are made up of several components such as homework assignments, tests, exams, quizzes, class participation, attendance, etc. For example, a class exam might be worth 10% of your grade and you received a 95% on the test. You would enter those values into the form.
  3. If you need more than four rows, press the 'Add Row' button to add an additional line. You can add as many rows as you need.
  4. Once you have finished entering your grades, press the 'Calculate' button and the grade you need on the final exam will be displayed.

Final Grade Formula

final grade = ((gwanted x wtotal) - gw) / wfinal


wtotal = w1 + w2 + w3 + ... + wfinal

w1 = weight of assignment #1

wfinal = weight of final exam


gw = g1 x w1 + g2 x w2 + g3 x w3 + ...

g1 = grade for assignment #1

gwanted = grade wanted in the class

Example Calculation

Let's say your class has the following grading plan.

Project #110%
Project #210%
Quiz #120%
Quiz #220%
Mid-Term Test20%
Final Exam20%

Now let's assume you received the following grades on your classwork.

AssignmentsGrade Received
Project #191%
Project #285%
Quiz #175%
Quiz #295%
Mid-Term Test97%
Final ExamNot Yet Taken

Finally, let's assume that you want to get a 90% in the class. To determine what you need to get on your final exam in order to get a 90% in the class, let's do some math using the formula above.

First add the weight of all the class assignments together including your final:

wtotal = 10% + 10% + 20% + 20% + 20% = 100%

Next, multiple the grade you received on each assignment by the weight of the assignment.

gw = (91% x 10%) + (85% x 10%) + (75% x 20%) + (95% x 20%) + (97% x 20%) = 7100%

Now, calculate what you need on the final exam:

final exam grade = ((90% x 100%) - 7100%) / 20% = 95%

This is how you manually calculate your final grade. Of course, you can make your life a little easier using the calculator above!

What if my class grade is based on points rather than percentages?

Let's assume you have the following class syllabus that is based on points.

AssignmentsPossible Points
Homework #1100
Homework #2150
Mid-Term Test200
Final Exam250

Let's assume you received the following grades.

AssignmentsPoints Earned
Project91 out 100
Homework #185 out of 100
Homework #2120 out of 150
Quiz180 out of 200
Mid-Term Test190 out of 200
Final ExamNot Yet Taken

To enter these grades in the calculator above, you first need to calculate your grade percentage for each assignment using the following formula:

grade percentage = points earned / possible points x 100

So taking your mid-term test grade as an example, we get the following:

mid-term test = 190 points earned / 200 possible points x 100 = 95%

In the weight column of the calculator, you would enter the possible points for each assignment.

Ap Calculus Grading Rubric

Assuming you wanted to get at least a 90% in the class and your final exam is worth 250 points (i.e.the weight), you would enter the following information into the calculator.

Ap Calculus Exam Grading Scale

Homework #185%100
Homework #280%150
Mid-Term Test95%200

Ap Calculus Ab Grading Scale

In this example, you would need to get a 93.6% on your final in order to get a 90% in the class.

Ap Calculus Grading Scale

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