1. Bullet Bill 3
  2. Bullet Bill 4
Bullet Bill Base
World-LevelWorld 6-6
WorldWorld 6 (Super Mario 3D World)
GameSuper Mario 3D World
Time limit500 Seconds
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Bullet Bill Base (also known as World 6-6, originally referred to as World 6-3 in the E3 2013 demo) is the sixth main level in World 6 in the game Super Mario 3D World.


This level features the Super Bell as the main power-up. It also features Conveyor Belts that only Cat Mario and Lucky Cat Mario can climb. The level begins near a wall that can be climbed, along with clouds that can be jumped on. A Galoomba is found at the top near four ? Blocks, along with Bill Blasters firing Bullet Bills. Moving clouds are found, along with a conveyor. More Galoombas and Bullet Bills are found. A group of crates is also found, one of which contains a Super Mushroom. A Sprixie with binoculars is found, along with a Warp Box leading the player to the Checkpoint Flag. A Galoomba, three ? Blocks, and four Bill Blasters are found, with a + Clock on the platform above. A moving group of three Bill Blasters is found along a platform. A Hidden Block at the top of a nearby wall contains a 1-Up Mushroom. More moving cloud platforms are found, with a Banzai Bill Cannon firing Banzai Bills at the top of the area. Another Galoomba is found, along with more clouds and conveyor belts that can be used to climb another high wall. More Galoombas are found, followed by the Goal Pole.

Green Stars[edit]

  • Green Star 1: The first Green Star is on the highest point of the first section of the level.
  • Green Star 2: The second Green Star is found in a Mystery Box near the Checkpoint Flag. The player needs to follow a circular conveyor belt on the wall in a time of ten seconds to reach it. Using the Cat form makes it much easier to reach the Star.
  • Green Star 3: The third Green Star is found near a row of vertical conveyor belts near the end of the level. The player needs to climb up the one farthest to the left, then take the one on the top that carries the player to the right onto a platform with the Green Star.


  • The level's Stamp is located at the end of the level towards the Goal Pole. Jumping on the Brick Block is the only way to reach the Stamp.


Names in other languages[edit]

Kōryaku! Kirā yōsai
Break Through the Bullet Bill Fortress!
SpanishEscalada a la fortaleza de Bill balaClimbing the Bullet Bill's fortress
FrenchBastion Bill BalleBullet Bill Bastion
DutchAanval op de Bullet Bill-bergAttack on the Bullet Bill mountain
GermanSturm auf die Kugelwilli-FestungAssault on the Bullet Bill fortress
ItalianRoccaforte dei Pallottoli BillBullet Bills' stronghold
PortugueseAssalto à base dos Bills-BalaAssault on the Bullet Bills base
RussianБаза Биллов-пуль
Baza Billov-pul'
Bullet Bills' Base
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Bullet Bill 3gamerateBullet

Bullet Bills are recurring enemies in the Mario series. They are black, bullet-like enemies, commonly depicted as either having small arms or fanged grins adorning their faces, rarely having both. Bullet Bills are fired by cannons known as Bill Blasters, although some games have them fired by other sources such as Snifits and generic cannons, while some games simply have them coming out of. Bullet Bills are living bullets that are shot out of cannons or just come out of nowhere. In SMG4, they appear in certain videos, mainly the earlier ones.They were usually used as slapstick comedy.

Bullet Bill 3gamerate
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I've been reading all the reveiws and people are complaining about the speed of the game. I think it's fine, and the only way I could change it is to make the FPS lower, which will lower the bullets reaction time :D

Bullet bill 2 game

Also, since this game uses passwords, you would've guessed someone posted all the codes in their reveiw. Well the wait is over! Lord_Of_Ketchup has posted all the passwords in his reveiw, so check them out if you're stuck.

Talking about password they have to be entered in capitals or they won't work.
Also, a lot of good ideas for anouther game. I might use some if I can be bothered to make a BB2.

Bullet Bill 3

Hey guys, I've finally learned how to make games. So here is my first game, Bullet Bill. You control a Bullet Bill with the arrow keys through each of the 8 levels, hitting either Mario, Luigi or the flag at the end. It's ment to be challenging so hopefully it is. *YOU NEED FLASH PLAYER 8 FOR THE GAME TO WORK*

Bullet Bill 4

I hope you enjoy playing!