AP Calculus AB/BC

Schedule and Assignments

In this course, we will be reviewing the 6 main units from AP Calculus AB (no unit 1): 2. Limits & Continuity. Applications of Derivatives. Differential Equations & Math Modeling. Applications of Definite Integrals. We will have a notes packet for each of the units above that will cover the important. Calculus Applets using GeoGebra This website is a project by Marc Renault, supported by Shippensburg University.My goal is to make a complete library of applets for Calculus I that are suitable for in-class demonstrations and/or student exploration.

4 applications of the derivative part 1ap calculus calculator
  • Recognizing a Given Limit as a Derivative; Practice Exercises; 4 Applications of Differential Calculus. Slope; Critical Points; B. Tangents to a Curve; C. Increasing and Decreasing Functions. Functions with Continuous Derivatives; Case II. Functions Whose Derivatives Have Discontinuities.
  • The AP exams will ask you to find derivatives using the various techniques and rules including:  The Power Rulefor integer, rational (fractional) exponents, expressions with radicals.  Derivatives of sum, differences, products, and quotients.  The Chain Rulefor composite functions.
  • Title: AP Calculus Unit #4-Applications of the Derivative Part I Smac Key.pdf Author: sean.mcconnell Created Date: 1/9/2019 11:58:32 AM.

Chapter 3 – Applications ofDerivatives (Part 1)




October 29

Unit 2 Derivatives Test

Homework: None


October 30

3.a Indeterminate Forms and L’Hôpital’s Rule

FRQ/MC # 8 Due

Homework: 3.b Video and Survey


November 2

3.b Maximum and Minimum Values

Homework: 3.c Video and Survey


November 3

3.c Increasing and Decreasing Functions

Homework: 3.d Video and Survey


November 4

3.d Concavity and the Second Derivative Test

Homework: Section 3.5 # 1, 3, 11, 13, 41, 43


November 5

Mixed Review (Matching Activity)

Foldable Quiz

Homework: Worksheet Prove It!


November 6

Mixed Review (Stations)

FRQ/MC # 9 Due

Homework: Finish Station Activity


November 9

3.e Curve Sketching

Homework: Section 3.6 # 1, 2


November 10

Mixed Review

Homework: Functions, Graphs and Derivatives Paragraph, Study for Quiz (Review Notes, Complete Textbook Problems)


November 11

Quiz on Sections 3.1 through 3.6

Homework: 3.f Video and Survey

Notes of the book Calculus with Analytic Geometry written by Dr. S. M. Yusuf and Prof. Muhammad Amin, published by Ilmi Kitab Khana, Lahore - PAKISTAN.

Here are few online resource, which are very helpful to find derivative.

Contents and summary

  • Geometrical interpretation of the derivative
  • Marginal functions in economics
  • Inverse trigonometric functions
  • Derivative of hyperbolic functions
  • Logarithmic Differentiation
  • Newtorn Raphson Method
  • Some standard nth derivatives
  • Functions of several variables
  • Limit and continuity
  • Differentiability


  • Exercise 2.2 View online Download PDF
  • Exercise 2.4 View online Download PDF

4 Applications Of The Derivative Part 1ap Calculus 14th Edition

  • Exercise 2.6 View online Download PDF

Notes by Prof M. Tanveer

4 Applications Of The Derivative Part 1ap Calculus Calculator

  • Exercise 2.2 View Online Download PDF

4 Applications Of The Derivative Part 1ap Calculus Solver

  • Exercise 2.5 View Online Download PDF