Many people hesitate to build their own website due to the technical knowledge required for HTML coding. This is where the Weebly website building company comes to save the day. Weebly is one of the best drag and drop website builders around. It is made of different built-in website design tools that are very effective in creating a professional and modern-looking website.

  1. 3 Benefits Of Joining The Weebly Community College
  2. 3 Benefits Of Joining The Weebly Community Center

Weebly’s easy to use interface is catered to help any person that is intending to have a business website or need to create a site without any need for a technical background. The website builder comes with all the necessary tools that are required to develop a satisfactory site. There are many companies available to the masses that do what Weebly does, but you should know the advantages offered by the Weebly website builder. With that said, here are the five benefits of Weebly.

Reasonable Pricing

When people are looking to create a website, the first thing that comes to mind is how much is this going to cost me? Fortunately, one of the great advantages of Weebly is the reasonable pricing. Using the Weebly website builder is free and is simple. Additionally, they offer hosting services for free if you’re not using your domain. Hosting costs only come into play if you would like to attach your personal domain to your site. The cost is generally under $10 for Weebly to host a single website. The cost is generally under $10 for Weebly to host a single website but you can get it for less when using a special Weebly coupon. You are also allowed to have multiple sites for clients and different businesses.

User-friendly GUI

When using the Weebly platform, it does not matter whether you have the knowledge of using HTML code because it is very intuitive. The steps are simple: First, choose a custom theme that fits the look and style that you want. After that, you would start building your site with easy drag and drop sections and text boxes. Inserting pictures is a breeze. You may want to also add some calls to action. Weebly tutorials can be found all over the internet. I recommend going to YouTube and watching a beginner’s video and performing the steps with them as they go. Once that is done and published you are freely able to access everything in your website.

3 Benefits Of Joining The Weebly Community College

Another helpful feature of Weebly Community is a wide range of discussion boards that can help you find answers to a multitude of questions, get support, and learn new techniques. While you're visiting, you can also share your own tips about how you created your own site or store and built your small business. This will help people getting off work at 5pm to get through traffic and join us in the fun, festivities, and connections of New Tech events. With the new year right in front of us, I also thought it was the right time to give you seven benefits of getting involved in your community.

  • 11) Membership Creation. With the Weebly Pro plan, you can invite up to 20 people to join your site as members. You can restrict certain pages that only your members can access. This is really helpful if you want to create a private club, or just want to restrict certain content from the public.
  • Weebly Pricing – How to Get Weebly Membership. Weebly offers a tiered payment system to determine the features of Membership you’ll be able to utilize. Those familiar with Weebly know that 4 levels of subscriptions exist when building your new site. Membership, however, is only a feature in two of them.

Fast Hosting

The second benefit of Weebly is that the web hosting service is incredibly fast and efficient. Weebly web hosting helps you to access the entire platform’s features without any limitation. The platform is highly optimized for today’s SEO standards and will always be updated automatically in the future. This means your visitors will be able to access your site without delay from processing and rendering a bloated website. Additionally, it is essential for you to note that the entire level of flexibility is on par with any other website building services out there.

Beautiful Modern Themes

Another advantage of using the Weebly website builder is that it enables you to work with beautiful, modern themes. This means that you can add professional looking pictures, photo galleries and videos. This gives the front page of your business a superior look and feel compared to the local competition. For example, and where both created on the Weebly platform. As you can see these are both very professional looking websites. Additionally, you are also able to add maps, music, contact forms, blogs and much more.

Saves Your Time

Other benefits offered by the Weebly website builder is that workflow it is very efficient and seamless for creators. Weebly does a great job of cutting out the noise and providing its creators with a simple framework. No crazy plugins, custom codes or multiple screens to flip through. Navigating is a breeze and has no limitations. There is a slight learning curve, but once the user is past this, the process of making websites will be faster than ever before.

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Since it’s launch in 2006, Weebly has become one of the most user-friendly website builders on the planet. With one of their more recent innovations in 2014, they brought simplicity to the usually complicated world of membership sites with the release of Weebly Memberhip. So, what is the value of adding membership options to your site and how is Weebly trying to simplify the process for you, the site owner? Watch my video overview and keep reading below. I can pretty much guarantee it will get your brain spinning about how you might be able to utilize membership on your own site!

Exclusive Content for Members

Bill Gates said it best, “Content is King,” but you know what might be better? “Exclusive Content.” Through Weebly Membership you can easily create login portals giving your site visitors access to private content/downloads, paid courses/tutorials, select deals, or a wide range of materials that you either want to keep hidden from the public or to use to incentivize new members to sign up.

3 benefits of joining the weebly community services

How To Get Started With Membership

Weebly makes it easy to get started. At your Weebly dashboard, go to SETTINGS. On the left hand side there is now an option called MEMBERS. Once clicking this tab, you’ll see a box under Registration that says, “Allow people to register for your site.” Clicking this box immediately adds a Login/Register tab to your site’s navigation bar. It’s a simple start, but Membership still has a lot more to offer.

Weebly Membership Features – Simply Powerful

Like Weebly’s drag and drop style, they also bring a simple approach to controlling your member options. In this case, however, simple definitely doesn’t mean a lack of control. You can have a login/register box pop up immediately when users visit your site or you can put a customizable register button anywhere on any page.

You can activate automated sign-up integration with Weebly eCommerce, where customers are immediately granted membership access when purchasing specific products. And just to make sure that customers aren’t getting signed up for something they don’t want, they are sent an email where they have to confirm their membership.

As the site owner, you also have complete control over the cost of monthly or annual subscriptions and even have the options to offer memberships for FREE for a trial period. You can also offer subscriptions to your members in three categories:

  • 1-Month Membership
  • 3-Month Membership
  • Annual Membership

Keeping your member roster up-to-date is a cinch thanks to automatic removal of expired members, and you have the option to “approve” any new member so that they can’t gain immediate access to sensitive materials just by signing up.

As Membership Grows, Groups Become Handy

Another handy feature of Membership is the ability to “group” your new members. You can either manually move members into groups or have Weebly automatically group members upon registration. This option means you can more easily organize large numbers of members with a few clicks and control the exact content that groups will have access to. This is where you can start offering Premium memberships with ease, giving even more access to those at a higher price point.

Weebly Pricing – How to Get Weebly Membership

Weebly offers a tiered payment system to determine the features of Membership you’ll be able to utilize. Those familiar with Weebly know that 4 levels of subscriptions exist when building your new site. Membership, however, is only a feature in two of them. With the FREE service for Basic Use and the STARTER service for personal use, Membership isn’t available. It’s not until the PRO level where you can dip your toes into the Weebly Membership waters..

At the PRO price point of $12/month you can build a membership website, manage groups, and control the pages that members have access to. However, at this level you are only allowed 100 members maximum.

When you jump up to the $25/month BUSINESS level is where you can really take full advantage of the service. At this level, you have complete control of groups and page access but now can add unlimited members. It’s also at this level that you can add those public Register buttons where new members can sign up for you to approve and group. In your Business account, you can also choose to either add emails yourself manually or upload a pre-existing database.

Check out my separate post on Weebly Pricing for complete details on different features at different price levels or my full Weebly review post.

3 Benefits Of Joining The Weebly Community Center

All-in-all, Weebly’s new Membership features are a great way for site owners to find new ways to engage with users by offering exclusivity. It’s simple for you to get started with Membership and even simpler for your own users to join.